We have now been supplying trophies & awards for the last 25 years we continue to work with our supplier & clients to offer the best value in the awards you seek we have a diverse array up to date equipment that we can create beautiful finished awards for you that you will find hard to match anywhere. Come speak to us to see what we can offer with our product knowledge we can guide you to the best options available. Most of the trophies below come in various sizes as marked we also offer authentic engraving & can insert your club logo into the centre of the trophy please ask for details. To place an order please contact us today. Please download our PDF catalouge for the most up to date images on the trophies as smaller size trophies may not include a riser please check before purchase. To Send Your Image or Design Simply email your designs, images and artwork as a PDF document, in EPS format or as a JPEG image. Please note that if you are sending your image, design or artwork as a JPEG image then please ensure that it is clear and unpixelated so that we can print it at a high resolution and quality without any difficulty. Furthermore please ensure that the design or image you wish to be printed onto your trophy is correct and that it is according to your prefences as it will be printed EXACTLY the way it is, unless you request for any changes or additions to be made to your design before printing.

Digital colour awards
Sterling Crystal Award
presentation case
Hexagon trophies

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2021 Trophies catalogue
Sterling Crystal Award
presentation case
sterling trophy

10mm Thickness 2 Sizes

235mm T.0910C £47.00
145mm T.0908C £35.00

Tear Drop Crystal
presentation case
tear Drop crystal award

20mm Thick Crystal With Colour Base

200mm T7235 £50.00 Blue
200mm T7235 £50.00 Green
200mm T7235 £50.00 Red

Pheonix Glass Award
presentation case
pheonix award

10mm Thick 3 Sizes available

155mm T.0916C £33.00
130mm T.0915C £30.00
105mm T.0914C £25.00

Saturn Glass trophy
presentation case
pheonix award

40mm Thick 3 Sizes available

160mm x 80mm T.0878AC £50.00
135mm x 80mm T.0876AC £45.00
80mm x 50mm T.01280AC £25.00

Sirius Glass Award
presentation case
Sirius award

20mm Thick 2 Sizes available

140mm T.1163C £40.00
110mm T.1162C £30.00

Titan Glass trophy
presentation case
Titan award

20mm Thick 2 Sizes available

200mm T.0828C £53.00
160mm T.0827C £46.00

Vesta Glass Award
presentation case
vesta award

20mm Thick 6 Sizes available

200mm x 150mm T.0938C £37.00
140mm x 100mm T.1161C £42.00
110mm c 70mm T.9445C £30.00
100mm x 65mm T.9444C £27.00
90mm c 60mm T.9443C £25.00
105mm T.0914C £25.00

Toliman Glass Award
presentation case
Toliman award

10mm Thick 3 Sizes available

230mm T.3717C £55.00
190mm T.3716C £50.00
90mm T.3715C £46.00.00

Kelt Glass Award
presentation case
Kelt award

10mm Thick 3 Sizes available

230mm T.0893C £50.00
210mm T.0892C £45.00
195mm T.0891C £40.00

Deneb Glass Award
presentation case
Deneb award

30mm Thick 2 Sizes available

210mm T.7240C £75.00
160mm T.7239C £60.00

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