Custom Garment Printing

We can print any garment with your requirements, our services include digital printing which can be in multiple colours using the latest technology. The traditional silk screen printing is also carried out in our print department this can be very cost effective if you are looking for a large quantity of garments printed. Textile transfer printing is also a process we carry out using cad cut textile vinyl, no matter what you require get in touch with us we will find you the most cost effective method based on your own design, if you require 1 or 1000 items printed get in touch with us today.
No matter what your sport we can print it for you from numbers to sponsors logos we do it all.

embroidery and printing service
                     1 Colour print
         Temple Number
Aa flex number that will look good on any top available in all colour a 9 inch & 3 inch number.
            Price £3.00 per print
  Striker Number
250mm 9" Price £2.50 per Print. Size 10cm Price £1.50 per Print
             Official  Nike Number
1 colour print
Sponsors logos or name can be applied to your own garment in any colour you choose any size. Price £3.50 per print
Use any font or logo of your choice.
             star number
9"Number printed on the back of football kits price £2.75 per print. available in most colours
inksWe can mix colours to your exact colour requests our printing department has a colour mixing system. Pantone colours allow you to communicate specific colours between designers, artists, corporate customers.
Colours will reproduce best on white or light coloured fabrics.
All colours were viewed and approved under cool white fluorescent lighting.
Colours may appear metameric (not match well) when viewed under other lighting.
                    Striker Number
        Euro number
 250mm 9" Price £2.75 per Print. Size 10cm Price £2.00 per Print
                                                                                                                           Screen Printing
         Player Name Printed
             Own Badge Printed
reflective printReflective print in colour silver. Get seen in the dark ideal for cyclist or running clubs this type if print can be applied to a various garments
Prices based on design.
           own club badge
You can have your own design club badge printed in the colours of your choice.
        Price £3.00 per print
names          Player Names Printed
When ordering please specify jersey/top size & number, can be curved or straight available in the standard colours as numbers
           Price £4.00 Per name
coloured logos
      Multi coloured Logo as used
              for sponsors prints
           Price £4.50 per print  
             Multi Coloured Print
Usually, a logo is designed in a vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator or Core This file is editable by colour size. It is ideal for handing off to any design professional and usually contains exact colour combinations that the company/team have used in their organisation. When working with us we will most likely ask for your logo as an “EPS” or “vector file.” If you don’t have this file type you need to get it from the designer that created the original art. If you attempted to scale a JPG file it will be blurry and distort. If you cant get this file type we can create one for you there is usually a setup charge for this service which is £15.00 this is a one off charge and you can have a copy of the vector file that you can use in your own organisation.
    basketball number
 200mm Price £3.50 per Print.  100mm Price £2.00 per Print
                                                                       Standard Badge designs
                Athletic Number
screen printing machine
/hooded topsT-shirts printedsweat shirts printed
                        Star Number
                   Temple Number
    Nike 2016 number
          Official nike numbers
   Available in 23 cm Price £3.50
            10 cm Price £2.50
          Colour Red Black or White
                 Standard Numbers
We print hundreds of garments every day supplying schools, business, teams, churches, fund-raisers, sports clubs, teams, corporations, companies, military etc..
We are a professional custom printing company.
There is a huge selection of garments we can screen print ranging from custom tees and sweatshirts to polos, shorts, hats, caps, sweatpants, jackets and corporate clothing bags/holdalls, towels, aprons and much more!
If you a looking for 50+ garments that require the same logo printed and you need it at a cheap price this would be an ideal solution for you.
4in number
66mm Number
   Price £1.25
colours available
            Initials Printed
             plain number
standard 9" Number printed on the back of football kits price £2.50 per Print. available in most colours
         Players Initials
Available in standard colours
      Price £2.50 Print
Badge 2Badge 4badge1
                    Badge 1                                                Badge 2                                                 Badge 3
Badge 6Badge 7Badge 8BADGE 10
              Badge 4                                  Badge 5                                Badge 6                          Badge 7
The above badges are our standard designs where we can change the colours & text on badge 1,2,3 are a single colour print in any colour of your choice the rest of the designs you can have 3-4 colours in a single badge all with your own team name incorporated within. Price £3.50 per print.
                        Reflective Printing
Own Items Printed & embroidered
You don’t need to purchase your items from us to get them printed or embroidered we will be happy to do this for you. There will be a surcharge to the prices illustrated.
Contact us today for more details.
             Euro Number
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