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Budget Football Trophies

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We have a large selection to fit your budget all at discounted prices. Our engraving service is one of the best in the country which is all done in-house so that you can be sure of a fast & speedy service. We can create a centre of your club or organisation to place into your trophies and awards. A discount would be applied to your order depending upon value of your order please contact us for details. If you have a large event we can provide you with banners & presentational media that will make the event look professional this is usually done free of charge.
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We also offer to personalize your own
center for your trophies or medals.
Which is all done in-house just email
us your logo if you are purchasing a large
quantity is can be done free of charge!
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Player football gold trophy
        Available in 3 sizes.
170mm £2.95 TR1747A
180mm £3.25 TR1747B
195mm £3.95 TR1747C

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marble riser award
  Available in 3 sizes.
225mm £3.50 TR1653A
245mm £4.50 TR1653B
275mm £4.95 TR1653C

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player on riser
  Available in 1 size
240mm £9.00 TR1749A

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sillver footballer trophie
      Available in 3 sizes.
170mm £2.95 TR1748A
180mm £3.25 TR1748B
195mm £3.95 TR1748C

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player on tower
      Available in 3 sizes.
195mm £6.50 TR1751A
250mm £7.95 TR1751B
255mm £8.95 TR1751C

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player on mount
     Available in 3 sizes.
195mm £5.50 TR1755A
250mm £6.95 TR1755B
255mm £7.95 TR1755C

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gold cup tower
     Available in 3 sizes.
160mm £7.50 TR1643A
190mm £8.95 TR1643B
230mm £9.95 TR1643C

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tower cup silver trophy
   Available in 3 sizes.
160mm £7.50 TR1648A
190mm £8.95 TR1648B
230mm £9.95 TR1648C

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Telephone contact No 0141 7782091
buget cup award
            Available in 4 sizes.
120mm £4.50 TRC1502A
140mm £5.75 TRC1502B
160mm £6.95 TRC1502C

160mm £8.50 TRC1502D
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Bulk discount
budget cup
  Available in 4 sizes.
125mm £4.95 TRC1503A
140mm £5.75 TRC1503B
155mm £6.95 TRC1503C

165mm £7.50 TRC1503D
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footballer on marble
                  Available in 2 sizes.
           130mm £1.00 TRC1503A
           140mm £1.95 TRC1503B

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collesium player award
   Available in 3 sizes.
230mm £7.50 TR1753A
260mm £8.95 TR1753B
285mm £9.95 TR1753C

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      player on marble tower
   Available in 3 sizes.
225mm £7.50 TR1752A
245mm £8.95 TR1752B
275mm £9.95 TR1752C

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1653=2 football trophie
Available in 3 sizes.
225mm £3.50 TR1652A
245mm £4.50 TR1652B
275mm £4.95 TR1652C

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star football award
Available in 3 sizes.
225mm £3.50 TR1640A
245mm £4.50 TR1640B
275mm £4.95 TR1640C

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silver star award
        Available in 3 sizes.
225mm £3.50 TR1655A
245mm £4.50 TR1655B
275mm £4.95 TR1655C

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