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We are without doubt the ideal retailer if you are looking to buy a large range of football equipment. We have an incredibly large range of high quality training gear that has been widely recommended by professional football players worldwide and because each piece of equipment has been tested at a very high level, football players of all levels will, without a doubt, be very impressed with what we can offer.
If you are looking for generic football equipment to improve your training sessions, such as drill and micro training cone sets, speed ladders, training hurdles, agility hoops and boundary poles, then look no further for we have them all. Or if you are looking for equipment that will help build up your strength and speed, then we also have power speed resistors, evasion belts, weighted vests and training parachutes.
Of course, we also sell other essential football equipment to help you in your day to day training sessions or actual game days, such as tactics and substitute boards, water bottles and referee’s notebooks, amongst a huge number of other extremely useful management tools and, of course, all at exceedingly competitive prices.

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Boundary Pole base
         Pole Base
Base enables poles
to be used on astro/hard
surfaces or indoors.
   Price £4.50 each
Pole bag
                                  Pole Carry bag
Made of 600D Nylon/PVC. Can hold up to 30 poles into
this bag Price £19.00 Each
Boundary poles
              1.7m Boundary Poles
Poles with metal point in order to plant them
into the ground 12 with bag. £54.000
heavy weight pole base
     Heavy Pole Base
A heavy duty pole base
that will stay put in the
windiest conditions
       £13.99 each
      Space markers
          Space Markers
The best size and quality
anywhere. Full size and
weight with bright colours
.50 (5 different colours
on a stand)
         Price £12.00 each

9in hurdlesfootball training hurdles12in hurdles
multy markers
   Multi- Markers
Set of 40 ideal for
and target practice
    Price £29.99
marker cone set
                              TR718 Marker Cone Drill Set
kit contains 24 x 9inc pro cones(8 x yellow 8 x orange 8 x red)
Supplied in a bag Price £29.99
plymetric hurdles
           Polymeric Hurdles (set of 3)
Polymeric hurdles are used for jumping,
bounding & hopping exercises to enhance
speed,strength & power
12inc Blue £6.00 each
Telephone contact No 0141 7782091
Flat round markers
              Flat Round Markers
Ten markers per bag,individual colours
orange,yellow and white, for marking out training sessions indoors and out.
                      Price £14.99

TR712 12" £19.99
TR711 9" £14.99
TR710 6" £9.99

Training Equipment

9inc Red £5.00 each
6inc yellow £4.00 each
Total: £0.00
Total: £0.00
corner flags
                        Corner Flags
               Not supplied with poles.
Colours: Royal/white Red/white Yellow/white Green/white Also available in single colours Black, Green, Red Price £2.00 each
flat rung training ladders
                           Speed/Agility Flat Rung Ladders

As used by clubs and through out the UK. Now find speed and agility training essential for all modern day training schedules. Now available in two sizes, 4 metres and 8 metres long. Supplied with carry bag.
2 sizes available 4 metre £16.00                 8 Metre £20.00
Training Cones
          Sold in sets of 10

training cones
15 inch £15.00
training cones
12 inch £14.00

training cones
9 inches £7.00
cone training cone set
                                Micro Training Cone Set
12 x 23cm cones with 12 holes, 6 x 120cm plastic cones. Cones & canes can be used many different activities, ideal for skill progression with speed mechanics and controlled polymeric exercise. Price £19.99 per set
power speed resistor
                  Power Speed Resistor TR573
The most cost effective speed resistor one athlete wears
a webbing harness
with leash for second athlete to hold back.
Price £19.99
Indoor training ladders
                             TR725 Indoor Training Ladders
4 metre with 20 ince wide soft no slip weighted rungs
to help keep the ladder stable supplied with a bag
price £24.99
                               Parachute TR574
Chute with padded waist belt applies
even resistance.
Suitable for distances from 10 to 200 metres.
    Price £29.99

weighted vest
            Weighted Vest TR732
A weighted vest for endurance training Nylon vest with a neoprene velcro belt,suitable for indoor and out.          Price £49.99
evasion belt
                            Evasion Belt TR576
The attacker tries to break away from the defender
during multi- drills. by ripping the the Velcro tab on the
umbilical between the two .
Ideal for marking and
Price £6.99
corner pole
       TR405 Corner Poles
flexible P.V.C. weatherproof posts. Height: 6', diameter: 3".
        Price £3.50 each
evasion belt
            TR576 Evasion Belt
The attacker tries to break away from the defender, during multi-directional
quickness drills, by ripping the Velcro tab on the umbilical between the two.
Ideal training for marking and mirroring. Price £6.99
folding free kick dummies
           TR726 : Folding Free Kick Man Kit + poles
Set of 3 free-kick men and 6 two-piece spring-loaded boundary poles. Pole diameter: 11/4". Ensure a stable defensive wall in all conditions. Includes carry bag. Free kick men also available without poles.
                       Price £120.00 per set
Giant cone set
                           TR566 : Giant Cone Set
Includes 20 cones, 10 poles and a bag. Poles can be set at two heights which enables the coach to develop various routines including zig-zag routes. Price £39.99
indoor-out-door passing arch
TR761 : Indoor-Outdoor Passing Arcs
Set of 6. Stable passing arcs for passing drills and practice. Interchangeable
feet and spikes enable indoor and outdoor usage. Includes carry bag..
             Price £49.99 per set

out door passing arch
              TR760 : Outdoor Passing Arc
Spiked passing arc to buildpassing accuracy between 2 or more players Price £5.99 each
      medicine balls
                                   Medicine Balls
Twin handled, rubberised medicine balls. Can be
used for a variety of gym work and strength and flexibility training programmes.
TR534 : PT 4kg Twin Handle Medicine Ball Price £24.99

TR535 : PT 5kg Twin Handle Medicine Ball Price £29.99

TR536 : PT 6kg Twin Handle Medicine Ball Price £29.99

TR537 : PT 7kg Twin Handle Medicine Ball Price £39.99

TR538 : PT 8kg Twin Handle Medicine Ball Price £49.99
Telephone contact No 0141 7782091

PVC strips
                    TR774 : PVC Criss Cross Set
16 multi-coloured soft strips fixed together at the ends. Can be laid out in numerous patterns. For indoor and outdoor use. Supplied with a bag.
45cms x 5cms (each stip) Price £29.99 per set
reaction balls
                        Reaction Ball
vSharpen up reflexes and reactions with these unevenly shaped balls that bounce predictably. Ideal for rehabilitation and cold hand drills.
Sizes 6.5cm, 10cm, 20cm.
TR016 : 20cm Reaction Ball £9.99
TR015 : PT 10cm Reaction Ball £3.99
TR014 : PT 6.5cm Reaction Ball £1.99
    reaction hoop
         TR579 : Reaction Hoop
3 high friction balls around the 60cm hoop stop it skidding around. Position
in various patterns for a range of fast feet drills. Fold away for easy transportation. Supplied with a bag. Price £6.99
tennis net
                       Soccer Tennis Set
A great training aid. It allows the coach to vary training and develop ball skills. As you would
expect our sets are pro quality and hard wearing they come with Includes 2 PVC poles,net, guys ropes with anchors and fixings
10ft x 2.5ft. Price £30.00

speed hoops
TR403 : Speed Agility Hoops
Set of twelve hoops supplied in a bag, colours Red, Yellow and Blue. Price £15.00

tactic board
                TR805 : Tactic Board
               Magnetic 30cm x 45cm.
Ideal for use on pitch side or dressing room.
                         Price £24.99
      two piece boundary pole set
                  TR704 : Two Piece Boundary Poles
Set of 12 (4 fluo yellow, 4 fluo orange, 4 red).
1.7m high poles come in 2 pieces for easy transportation and to enable the creation of hurdles. Pole diameter: 11/4". Includes 8 connecting swivel clips. Poles can also be used with a base (see across). Supplied with a bag.Price £59.99
multi jump set
              TR578 : Multi-Jump Trainer
Heavy dome and three 30" cross-poles which adjust to various heights and directions. Pole diameter: 1". A versatile all-surface trainer for circuit work, power and stability.Price £9.99
speed sled
                   TR730 : Speed Sled
Straight line speed device to increase sprinting power. Build power with resisted sprinting. Includes sled, heavy-duty harness and connecting leads. Price £49.99
training aids
Telephone contact No 0141 7782091
ball guage
football training equipment
Training aids
TR553 : Ball Gauge
For ball pressure
event fence
TR961 : Event Fence
A vital investment for all sports clubs.
Fully compliant with Football Association Respect guidelines.
Officially approved by the Scottish FA.
Keeps supporters and parents behind the line. Lightweight and easy to erect and dismantle.
Easily transportable (fits in car).
Set comprises of: 10 x poles with safety spikes, 2 x 50 metre rolls of tape (100 metres total), 1 x unique reeling system, 1 x rubber mallet, 2 x plastic tent pegs, 4 x clips.
Price £170.00

stirrup pump
TR551 : Stirrup Pump

linesman flags
           TR410 : Linesman's Flag Sets
2 chequered flags and alloy poles with foam
handles. Includes protective carry sleeve
Price £7.99
refs cards
TR554 : Referees Note Book
Red, yellow card in PVC case with note sheet and pencil.
                 Price £2.99
responce ball
                     Responce Ball
The ball with bumps." New goalkeeping coaching aid helps to develop:
diving and shot stopping, reactions, footwork, Green dealing with back passes and hand/eye co-ordination.
TRG0605 : Responseball Size 5
TRG0604 : Responseball Size 4
Price £11.00 all sizes
subsitute board
                  TR722 : Substitute Board
Improve your pitch side management with the Precision Training substitute board.
Red digits for players off, yellow for players coming on. Numbers 1 - 99 can be created
                             Price £24.99 .
tally counter
               TR584 : Tally Counter
Hand held mechanical counter. single lever action counts 0 to 9,999.Price £8.50
tactic board wall mounted
TR806 : Wall Tactic Board 60 x 90cm
Magnetic. Ideal for use in the dressing room.
Includes 27 x 3cm magnets, marker pen, eraser and carry bag Price £49.99
waterbottles and carrier
        TRA100 12 x Water Bottles & carrier
A strong sturdy water bottle carrier with 12 screw top
water bootles made from a high grade plasic.
                Price £30.00 per set
Elasticated bottle numbers
TR719 Elasticated Bottle Numbers
Non-slip. Will fit any standard water bottle.
Numbered 1-17. (Bottles not included).
            Price £4.99 per set
      water bottles
750ml Bottle Black
Contour Water Bottle
Price £2.99 each
folding water bottle carrier
TR850 : Folding Bottle Carrier
Heavy-duty plastic. Folds flat. Holds up to 10
bottles (not included). Price £12.99