Adidas Football Kits

Adidas Team wear range new for 2015 is the best yet from the worlds No 1 Football brand you can be assured you will be getting the very  best of team wear as worn by some of the top players on the planet. We offer unbeatable prices on the below football kits please  contact us for the best prices in the UK for Adidas football jerseys,Adidas football shorts & socks we are No1.

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       Size Chart YXS YS YM YL YXL S M L XL XXL
       Chest 24/26 26/28 28/30 30/32 32/34 34/36 38/40 42/44 44/46 50/52
 Waist Sizes 22 23 24 25 26 28/30 32/34 34/36 38/40 42/44
                                                                                  Adidas Striped 15 Football jersey
CAMPEON jersey black-grey   Adidas campeone jersey powder red-burgundy     CAMPEON jersey royal-navyCAMPEON jersey white-greyCAMPEON jersey dark navy-night navy
    Black/Night-Grey    Powder Red/Burgundy     Bold Blue/Dark Blue     White/Clear Grey       Dark Blue/Night Navy
                                                                   Price XYS - YL £26.25 YXL- XXL £31.50
Adidas Tiro 15 jersey royal-whiteAdidas Tiro 15 jersey black-whiteAdidas Tiro 15 jersey navy-white
    Royal/White                     Black/White                   Navy/White
  Size YXS YS YM YL £12.75 adults YXL S M L XL 2XL £15.00
Adidas 2015 Teamwear PDF catalouge
                                                                      Adidas Campeon 15 Football Jersey
                                                                                               Adidas Tabela 14 Football Jersey
adidas squadra football jersey navyadidas squadra football jersey redadidas squadra football jersey royaladidas squadra football jersey whiteadidas squadra football jersey black
        New Navy/White                      Uni Red/White                         Cobalt/White                          White/Black                           Black/White
                                                                    Size YXS YS YM YL £11.25 adults YXL S M L XL 2XL £12.75
                              Adidas adidas Tiro 15 Jersey
adidas toque 13 football jersey blackadidas toque 13 football jersey greenadidas toque 13 football jersey orangeadidas toque 13 football jersey redadidas toque 13 football jersey royaladidas toque 13 football jersey yellow
            Black/White                  Twilight Green/White                   Orange/Black                      Uni Red/White                          Cobalt/White                          Sunsine/Black
                                                                                                Size YXS YS YM YL £12.25 adults YXL S M L XL 2XL £15.00
                                                                                                                  Adidas Toque 13 Football Jersey
                                                                                          Adidas Squadra 13 Football Jersey
                                                                           Adidas Estro 15 Football Jersey
Adidas Estro 15 football jersey RedAdidas Estro 15 football jersey navyAdidas Estro 15 football jersey ROYALAdidas Estro 15 football jersey blackAdidas Estro 15 football jersey white
          Powder Red/White                     Dark Blue/White                        Bold Blue/White                            Black/White                               White/Black
Adidas Estro 15 football jersey yellow-royalAdidas Estro 15 football jersey white-blackAdidas Estro 15 football jersey black-whiteAdidas Estro 15 football jersey royal-whiteAdidas Estro 15 football jersey red-whiteAdidas Estro 15 football jersey navyAdidas Estro 15 football jersey sky
      Yellow/Royal                  White/Black                    Black/White                 Royal/White                      Red/White           Midnight Navy/White        Light Grey/White
Adidas Estro 15 football jersey greenAdidas Estro 15 football jersey yellowAdidas Estro 15 football jersey burgundyAdidas Estro 15 football jersey limeAdidas Estro 15 football jersey pinkAdidas Estro 15 football jersey orangeAdidas Estro 15 football jersey white-red
Collegiate Green/White Solar Yellow/White        Maroon/White          Solar Green/White Solar Pink/White                 Solar Orange/Black           White/P Red
Adidas Estro 15 football jersey white-royal
White/Bold Blue

Adidas tabela 14 football kit skyAdidas tabela 14 football kit white-redAdidas tabela 14 football kit blackAdidas tabela 14 football kit cyan
             Argentina/White                                White/Uni Red                                    Black/White                                 Cyan/New Navy          
Adidas tabela 14 football kit greenAdidas tabela 14 football kit navyAdidas tabela 14 football kit white-blackAdidas tabela 14 football kit red
                 Twilight /White                                Cobalt/White                                     White/Black                                   Uni red/White    
                         Size YXS YS YM YL Price £10.50 adults YXL S M L XL 2XL  Price Qty 1-6 £16.00 Qty 6-100 Price £12.75

Adidas tabela 14 football kit short sleeve
Adidas condivo football jerseyAdidas condivo jersey royalAdidas condivo jersey black
    Uni Red/White                 Cobalt/White                  Black/White
                         Adidas Condivo 14 Football Jersey
We have a large and growing collection of all of the best sports wear from the world’s top and most recognised brands, stocking everything from Prostar and Adidas football kits to tracksuits, trophies and footballs. As well as having one of the largest design and colour choices for custom sports kits, at Sports Leisure Wear we also have our own in-house printing and embroidery service which you can use to customise any products you purchase.
Adidas Volzo football jersey BlackAdidas Volzo football jersey red-whiteAdidas Volzo football jersey white-royalAdidas Volzo football jersey Navy-skyAdidas Volzo football jersey back view
       Black/Red             Solar Red/White          White/Royal         Midnight Navy/Sky               Back
                                                           adults YXL S M L XL 2XL £11.25
Adidas Volzo 15 Football Jersey
  Adidas Entrada 14 shirt
Adidas Enrada 14 jersey RedAdidas Enrada 14 jersey BlackAdidas Enrada 14 jersey navyAdidas Enrada 14 jersey frontAdidas Enrada 14 jersey orangeAdidas Enrada 14 jersey yellow
Power Red/White             Black/White                   Rear View                   Navy/White          Solar Orange/Black    Yellow/Bold Blue
Adidas Enrada 14 jersey whiteAdidas Enrada 14 jersey royalAdidas Enrada 14 jersey grey
       White/Red                 Bold Blue/White              Light/White
The new Adidas Entrada jersey only comes in short sleeves is an excellent jersey for training or match play.
 Adults SIZES: XYL S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL Price £8.25 Childrens SIZES: YXS / YS / YM / YL Price £6.75
 price from £9.00
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